landscape lighting

Materials & Lighting

Hardscapes are designed to complement the landscape. Landscape walls, patios and walkways can be used for definition, solution or to soften an existing space with a waterfall or fountain. Enjoy with subtle night lighting that highlights your new patio or gazebo.


Today there are multiple options available depending on the unique design Art's Landscaping develops for you. We help you choose which material best suits the design and the way you live. Art's Landscaping is a Certified Unilock Contractor.

Unilock logo   Visit the Unilock website to see the selection of materials available.

Night Lighting

night lighting

Today you can choose many types of lighting that accent your landscape design. Up, moon, path, accents, spots, floods and underwater lights are availalbe in LED with 10 year warranty and use less energy than the regular bulbs. Installing energy efficient night lighting is in line with our sustainable philosophy.